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This blog will no longer be updated. You might want to go here for puzzles in my new blog. Although not updated as often as this blog previously (which is, well, not really updated in a timely manner anyway), but there’s the place for puzzles from me now.

Welcome to A Chaotically Puzzling Blog! Newcomers or subscribers (or anyone who reads this blog), you might want to read this entry, as this entry changes every time I update this blog.

You can use the Archive to browse all puzzles in this blog, accurate as of the time of update of this post (2011/10/07). You might also want to read Puzzles for information about the puzzles.

October 7:
Puzzle 038 published.
Puzzle 039 published.
Puzzle 040 published.
– Keep this as a blog or move it to my website? Look at 038 for more details.
– Blog polishing. Continue reading

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ACPB is probably no more.

This blog might no longer exist. Instead, my site might hold everything including this. So if you’re looking for puzzles (that I might not release any time soon), you can go there.

The site, A Chaotically Puzzling site, also contains what’s named Riddle.NET, an online riddle game. Some of its levels are actually logic puzzles in disguise, so you might be interested.

Thank you for your understanding, and for reading this blog.

(Yes, it might no longer exist. It might also stay intact, but no longer updated. Or in the very slim chance, it will stay updated, if I’m in the mood of making new logic puzzles for this blog (and not Riddle.NET).)

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Puzzle 040 – Fillomino Connection

This is a 6.0-star Fillomino Connection puzzle.

040 - Fillomino Connection

Unless I’m missing something that makes this puzzle trivial, this puzzle is the hardest puzzle I ever constructed, thus the 6.0-star rating. (It was 7.0-star, but I realized it’s not that hard.) Moreover, it’s an almost-perfect 4-rotational symmetry (just because of the givens; but anyway, if the givens are also symmetric, the puzzle difficulty takes a fall). I think I misjudged this puzzle’s difficulty; comment or e-mail me if you think so.

On an unrelated note, please see the comments of Puzzle 038 and decide whether I should move this to my website with this blog becomes simple notices about the puzzles or keep this as a blog.

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Puzzle 039 – Fillomino Connection

This is a 2.5-star Fillomino Connection puzzle.

039 - Fillomino Connection

Yep, a new puzzle type, now based on my favorite (arguable) puzzle type Fillomino. The idea shouldn’t be a first.

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Puzzle 038 – Loop Mix

This is a 4.0-star Loop Mix. While there is no page about Loop Mix (since I’m pretty lazy and probably this is a one-time attempt), the type Loop Mix is a combination of the elements of four loop puzzles: Masyu (represented at top left), Yajilin (represented at bottom left), Double Back (represented at bottom right; note that the large area of the other three quadrants is also a Double Back area), and Castle Wall (represented at top right). All pointing clues point all the way to the edge.

Make a loop passing adjacent squares through the centers of the squares and mark the unused squares black such that the loop doesn’t intersect itself and no black squares are adjacent. The loop must goes straight on white circles, but must turn directly before or after them. The loop must turn on black circles, but may not turn both before and after them. White-background clues indicate the number of black squares pointed in the direction of the clue. Slightly-gray-background clues are inside the loop and black-background clues are outside the loop; they each point the total length of segments of the loop in the direction they point, assuming the side of a square is one unit long. The loop must pass each “room” (bordered with thick gray border) exactly twice.

038 - Loop Mix

So, yeah, hi. I had 1.5 busy months.

Meanwhile… I have a site of…uh…currently only one content, but if you want, I can move this to the site and post here only to notify anyone about new content there. Since I haven’t learned anything about programming for comments et cetera, I might only post the content of what I would usually post here, and post here so you can comment on a particular puzzle here. What do you think?

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This blog isn’t dying!

What? I didn’t post for like 1.5 months? I’m really sorry. I have a lot of school tasks, which still run for the next days.

Don’t worry though, I have 7.0-star (whoa) puzzle prepared. It’s just waiting until it can be deployed.

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J-tris Puzzle v2.0.0

I proudly announce the revamped version of J-tris Puzzle: J-tris Puzzle v2.0.0!

Continue reading

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Puzzle 037 – Yajilin

This is a 4.5-star Yajilin puzzle.

037 - Yajilin

So, this is the second Yajilin I constructed. I did actually construct this in the same day as Puzzle 036; I don’t quite believe that I have rather impressive Yajilin construction skills anyway… 😛

Hi for medium-hard-ish difficulty, and for the four-way rotational symmetry!

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Puzzle 036 – Yajilin

This is a 3.5-star Yajilin puzzle.

036 - Yajilin

Hi, I’m back! Sorry for the very long delay. I have…uh…things to do, including an entry that you will see posted after this (which means you will see it more to the top than this, but whatever). As promised, here is a Yajilin. Rotationally symmetrical, and is rather challenging with 3.5 stars. My first –and by first, I mean really first– constructed Yajilin puzzle.

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Puzzle 035 – Warp Fillomino

This is a 3.0-star Warp Fillomino puzzle; that is, a Fillomino puzzle with a Warp twist. Any edge that is not black are connected with another edge, either directly (as in usual grid) or by warping (as indicated by the lines). (Click the image to enlarge it.)

035 - Warp Fillomino

So, sorry for the lack of update. And we have this puzzle…no, two puzzles. Wait, neither can be solved. Oh, Warp. So, stick the two grids on a same-colored border without rotating either to get the warp style. So R7C7 in the left board is connected to R7C6 and R6C7 in the first board (usual connection), R7C1 in the right board by the green border, and R1C7 in the right board by the blue border. And that gray border also warps.

Next puzzle will be a new puzzle type in this blog, as a new page indicated. It’s up to you to find which page it is.

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