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Puzzle 038 – Loop Mix

This is a 4.0-star Loop Mix. While there is no page about Loop Mix (since I’m pretty lazy and probably this is a one-time attempt), the type Loop Mix is a combination of the elements of four loop puzzles: Masyu … Continue reading

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Puzzle 037 – Yajilin

This is a 4.5-star Yajilin puzzle. So, this is the second Yajilin I constructed. I did actually construct this in the same day as Puzzle 036; I don’t quite believe that I have rather impressive Yajilin construction skills anyway… 😛 … Continue reading

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Puzzle 036 – Yajilin

This is a 3.5-star Yajilin puzzle. Hi, I’m back! Sorry for the very long delay. I have…uh…things to do, including an entry that you will see posted after this (which means you will see it more to the top than … Continue reading

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