Puzzle 035 – Warp Fillomino

This is a 3.0-star Warp Fillomino puzzle; that is, a Fillomino puzzle with a Warp twist. Any edge that is not black are connected with another edge, either directly (as in usual grid) or by warping (as indicated by the lines). (Click the image to enlarge it.)

035 - Warp Fillomino

So, sorry for the lack of update. And we have this puzzle…no, two puzzles. Wait, neither can be solved. Oh, Warp. So, stick the two grids on a same-colored border without rotating either to get the warp style. So R7C7 in the left board is connected to R7C6 and R6C7 in the first board (usual connection), R7C1 in the right board by the green border, and R1C7 in the right board by the blue border. And that gray border also warps.

Next puzzle will be a new puzzle type in this blog, as a new page indicated. It’s up to you to find which page it is.


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One Response to Puzzle 035 – Warp Fillomino

  1. Ours brun says:

    Nice one, thanks. Even though not very hard, it took me longer than expected. Interesting variation, I should try to play with it one of these days.

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