Puzzle 038 – Loop Mix

This is a 4.0-star Loop Mix. While there is no page about Loop Mix (since I’m pretty lazy and probably this is a one-time attempt), the type Loop Mix is a combination of the elements of four loop puzzles: Masyu (represented at top left), Yajilin (represented at bottom left), Double Back (represented at bottom right; note that the large area of the other three quadrants is also a Double Back area), and Castle Wall (represented at top right). All pointing clues point all the way to the edge.

Make a loop passing adjacent squares through the centers of the squares and mark the unused squares black such that the loop doesn’t intersect itself and no black squares are adjacent. The loop must goes straight on white circles, but must turn directly before or after them. The loop must turn on black circles, but may not turn both before and after them. White-background clues indicate the number of black squares pointed in the direction of the clue. Slightly-gray-background clues are inside the loop and black-background clues are outside the loop; they each point the total length of segments of the loop in the direction they point, assuming the side of a square is one unit long. The loop must pass each “room” (bordered with thick gray border) exactly twice.

038 - Loop Mix

So, yeah, hi. I had 1.5 busy months.

Meanwhile… I have a site of…uh…currently only one content, but if you want, I can move this to the site and post here only to notify anyone about new content there. Since I haven’t learned anything about programming for comments et cetera, I might only post the content of what I would usually post here, and post here so you can comment on a particular puzzle here. What do you think?

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  1. I loved this puzzle so much! last quarter was very difficult

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