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This blog will no longer be updated. You might want to go here for puzzles in my new blog. Although not updated as often as this blog previously (which is, well, not really updated in a timely manner anyway), but there’s the place for puzzles from me now.

Welcome to A Chaotically Puzzling Blog! Newcomers or subscribers (or anyone who reads this blog), you might want to read this entry, as this entry changes every time I update this blog.

You can use the Archive to browse all puzzles in this blog, accurate as of the time of update of this post (2011/10/07). You might also want to read Puzzles for information about the puzzles.

October 7:
Puzzle 038 published.
Puzzle 039 published.
Puzzle 040 published.
– Keep this as a blog or move it to my website? Look at 038 for more details.
– Blog polishing.

August 15:
Puzzle 036 published.
Puzzle 037 published.
J-tris Puzzle v2.0.0 is now online!

July 22:
Puzzle 035 published.
Puzzle 027 fixed.

July 12:
Puzzle 034 published.

July 08:
Special Puzzle 004 published.

July 03:
J-tris Puzzle entry. Inputs are appreciated!

June 25:
Puzzle 033 posted.

June 11:
Puzzle 032 posted.

June 10:
Puzzle 031 posted.
BMPC01 updated. Now the PDF file exists.
BMPC02 updated. Now the PDF file exists.

June 09:
Puzzle 030 fixed.

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The author of aka Chaos at the Sky, containing puzzles and more.
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