Puzzle 040 – Fillomino Connection

This is a 6.0-star Fillomino Connection puzzle.

040 - Fillomino Connection

Unless I’m missing something that makes this puzzle trivial, this puzzle is the hardest puzzle I ever constructed, thus the 6.0-star rating. (It was 7.0-star, but I realized it’s not that hard.) Moreover, it’s an almost-perfect 4-rotational symmetry (just because of the givens; but anyway, if the givens are also symmetric, the puzzle difficulty takes a fall). I think I misjudged this puzzle’s difficulty; comment or e-mail me if you think so.

On an unrelated note, please see the comments of Puzzle 038 and decide whether I should move this to my website with this blog becomes simple notices about the puzzles or keep this as a blog.

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8 Responses to Puzzle 040 – Fillomino Connection

  1. MellowMelon says:

    I don’t know in an absolute sense what difficulty a certain amount of stars corresponds to, but this one didn’t take long. A little bit of thinking reminiscent of Nurikabe and Four Winds on how to get the shaded regions to reach far enough to connect solved most of it.

    • chaotic_iak says:

      7.0-star requires some advanced if-then or some trial-and-error.

      Yeah, I forgot that Nurikabe skills can be used here. But anyway, thinking of the connections requires a pretty large area to be taken care of, so it’s still pretty hard. And anyway, after that, there are a few other tricky areas, thus elevating the difficulty level.

      Okay, I think it’s not really that hard, but it’s still the hardest puzzle in this blog.

  2. mathgrant says:

    Beautiful puzzle with some tough moments, but it felt fair and not tedious, somehow.

  3. TheSubro says:

    Very nice puzzle, but not a comparative 6-star rating. The shaded cell connections drove the whole puzzle, and almost always will. After that it was some nice fillomino patches to complete. there were also two singularities that hinted at the correct direction as the puzzle was playing out.

    Good fun though. Thanks.


    • chaotic_iak says:

      Well, the rating is like 5.0 for the shaded part only and 4.0 for one of those “patches”, thus an average rating of 6.0.

      Next: Make a Fillomino Connection with two colors. With new colors, things will get interesting (I hope).

      • TheSubro says:

        I welcome the multicolor attempy but it would seem that with every additional color the focus will be more and more on how the colors reach each other, which will obviously drive the solution path – making it generically easier to solve than a classic fillomino. Just sayin’


  4. I solved it pretty fast. I don;t think it was that hard

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