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Puzzle 035 – Warp Fillomino

This is a 3.0-star Warp Fillomino puzzle; that is, a Fillomino puzzle with a Warp twist. Any edge that is not black are connected with another edge, either directly (as in usual grid) or by warping (as indicated by the … Continue reading

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Puzzle 034 – Unknown Shikaku

This is a 3.5-star Shikaku puzzle, with the Unknown twist. That is, some numbers have been replaced by question marks. Each question mark stands for a number other than zero. There, a new puzzle. Guess the theme. Hint: Convert the … Continue reading

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Special Puzzle 004 – Abstract Exact Cover

Inspired from this Wikipedia article. Choose some sets such that the intersection between any two of the sets is an empty set and the union of them is {1, 2, …, 10}. In other (less mathematical) words, choose some groups … Continue reading

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J-tris Puzzle

EDIT: Some things. Yeah, sorry for the lack of update. I have various things to do. Including making this. I know you like puzzles that are more towards Sudoku family (logical, deductive, unique solution, etc), and not necessarily Sokoban family … Continue reading

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