J-tris Puzzle v2.0.0

I proudly announce the revamped version of J-tris Puzzle: J-tris Puzzle v2.0.0!

As you can see above, J-tris Puzzle has a major update. There are a lot of new things here, but for those who didn’t know J-tris Puzzle yet, here’s the introduction…

J-tris Puzzle is a puzzle game inspired by Tetris, where you must complete unique objectives; in this case, you can either go for clear the board, clear the blues, or clear the blacks. Each mode features different puzzles suited for them. You don’t need to go lightning fast, though J-tris Puzzle features the ability to go speedsolving if you want. You can also go for the thinking way; solve the puzzle in the fewest moves possible. Why “J-tris”? Since all you have is the J-mino.

New features:
– Unlimited undoes! Now you can undo all the way back to the beginning. However, once you undo, you cannot redo your move to restore back to your position; you must perform everything again until you reach the state before you undid.
– Two ways to compete! You can either go for the normal “fewest mover” field, or the all-new, no-limit (hopefully) “fastest solver” field.
– Supports puzzles ranging from 5-10 squares in width! You have more field to try.
– Several minor bugs fix! However, bugs may still be popping up; report anything you find. Do not report any bug related to Admin Functions; you’ve read the message above.

Download at the link provided above. This is an official update page, for now (until I find a better website hosting).

So, enjoy playing J-tris Puzzle, and make sure you send any levels, solutions, comments, suggestions, feedback, ideas, bug reports, or anything relating to this to me! Find my e-mail address in my About page.

About chaotic_iak

The author of http://chaosatthesky.wordpress.com/ aka Chaos at the Sky, containing puzzles and more.
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