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Read This First

This blog will no longer be updated. You might want to go here for puzzles in my new blog. Although not updated as often as this blog previously (which is, well, not really updated in a timely manner anyway), but … Continue reading

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I want to know you, my readers, and what do you think about the puzzles posted in this blog so far. Please allocate about five minutes to answer this survey, either by comment or e-mail. General Do you often check … Continue reading

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Solving Instruments

As far as I know, there are five different solving instruments, namely using an applet (online or offline), an image editor program, a spreadsheet program, a whiteboard/blackboard, and hand-written. I will try to give my opinion on each. Remember, this … Continue reading

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Applets for Solving

Having pain solving puzzles using MS Paint (or any image editor program) or printing them and solving by hand? I suggest an approach: Use an applet designed to solve such puzzles. This link goes to a page by Simon Tatham. … Continue reading

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