Puzzle 039 – Fillomino Connection

This is a 2.5-star Fillomino Connection puzzle.

039 - Fillomino Connection

Yep, a new puzzle type, now based on my favorite (arguable) puzzle type Fillomino. The idea shouldn’t be a first.

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The author of http://chaosatthesky.wordpress.com/ aka Chaos at the Sky, containing puzzles and more.
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4 Responses to Puzzle 039 – Fillomino Connection

  1. TheSubro says:

    My solution was not singular as Row 3, Column 3; R3C4 and R4C4 could all be exchanged/rotated without upsetting a rule or an apple cart. Do I have the wrong solution or was this on your end? Thanks.


  2. TheSubro says:

    Ugh – Duh. I was doing the solution on Windows Paint and was looking at it alone on reflection but must have copied the 7 image so I forgot the givens. Thanks.


  3. I had a way harder time solving this than the 6.0 rating one because of an assumption I accidentally made!

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