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Puzzle 040 – Fillomino Connection

This is a 6.0-star Fillomino Connection puzzle. Unless I’m missing something that makes this puzzle trivial, this puzzle is the hardest puzzle I ever constructed, thus the 6.0-star rating. (It was 7.0-star, but I realized it’s not that hard.) Moreover, … Continue reading

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Puzzle 039 – Fillomino Connection

This is a 2.5-star Fillomino Connection puzzle. Yep, a new puzzle type, now based on my favorite (arguable) puzzle type Fillomino. The idea shouldn’t be a first.

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Puzzle 038 – Loop Mix

This is a 4.0-star Loop Mix. While there is no page about Loop Mix (since I’m pretty lazy and probably this is a one-time attempt), the type Loop Mix is a combination of the elements of four loop puzzles: Masyu … Continue reading

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This blog isn’t dying!

What? I didn’t post for like 1.5 months? I’m really sorry. I have a lot of school tasks, which still run for the next days. Don’t worry though, I have 7.0-star (whoa) puzzle prepared. It’s just waiting until it can … Continue reading

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