About this blog…

This is a blog where I will post logic puzzles that I made myself. You can browse them with the links on the right. All puzzles are hand-made, so you won’t find them boring as some computer-generated puzzles do.

If you want to say something about the puzzles, either comment or e-mail me or contact me with any form of communication with me that you know. (For example, I exist in the Art of Problem Solving community; you can private message me there about this blog or the puzzles.) I do not mind spoilers to puzzle solutions, but if you post a full solution, I might snip it out and telling you whether it’s correct or not.

If you want to contact me by e-mail, send your e-mail to chaotic_iak -at- yahoo -dot- co -dot- id. Yes, it’s co.id, not com. Or you can also contact me at chaotic492iak -at- gmail -dot- com; however, don’t expect your e-mail to be checked as soon as I check my Yahoo! Mail. And yeah, it’s chaoticiak492iak, not chaoticiak492.

About the author…

I’m chaotic_iak. If you want to know my real name… Well, the first name is Ivan, and the initials are IAK. I am a high school student, and I’m 15 years old. As you can expect, I live in Indonesia, so don’t blame me if there are a few linguistic errors. I like to solve logic puzzles, and recently I started to make them (thus this blog).

I can be found online at the Art of Problem Solving community, under the same name chaotic_iak. (In fact, almost everywhere you find me online, you will see my name as chaotic_iak or chaoticiak.)

If you want to contact me, you can e-mail me at either of the following (well, repeats the above):
chaotic_iak -at- yahoo -dot- co -dot- id
chaotic492iak -at- gmail -dot- com

About the puzzles…

Do you feel you can’t solve a puzzle, and really really really wants to give up? Visit a part of my website made by Google Site dedicated for this blog at https://sites.google.com/site/chaoticiak/acpb.

If you want to use these puzzles for any purpose, contact me. I will mostly approve non-commercial usages, and definitely won’t approve any commercial usages.

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