J-tris Puzzle

EDIT: Some things.

Yeah, sorry for the lack of update. I have various things to do. Including making this.

I know you like puzzles that are more towards Sudoku family (logical, deductive, unique solution, etc), and not necessarily Sokoban family (not-really-logical, non-unique solution, usually record-based, etc), but I inform you of the thing that I’m making that I suspend the updates to this blog: J-tris Puzzle.

J-tris Puzzle is a puzzle game inspired from Tetris. The matrix is smaller, to allow more strategy. Clean up the blocks in a puzzle to complete that puzzle. Do it in the minimum possible moves and compete with the whole world to be the record holder!

It’s v1.1.0b. Even after the launch version, I still need comments/suggestions/feedback from as many people as possible; that’s why I post this. Later, I might actually post a “true advertisement” of J-tris Puzzle.

And for some final words for this post, this blog will feature both deduction puzzles (nikoli-style like Sudoku etc) and optimization puzzles (like Sokoban, J-tris Puzzle above, etc). Though the latter one will appear much, much less often.


About chaotic_iak

The author of http://chaosatthesky.wordpress.com/ aka Chaos at the Sky, containing puzzles and more.
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