Puzzle 033 – Puzzle Collection

This is a Puzzle Collection. That is, this puzzle contains a lot of small puzzles. The first three puzzles are Shikaku puzzles; the third one has an Unknown twist. The next three puzzles are Fillomino puzzles. The next three puzzles are Hebi-Ichigo puzzles; the third one has an Unknown twist. The last puzzle is a Block Puzzle puzzle. The Unknown twist is that a question mark only indicates that it is a given cell, but the number is unknown (but not zero).

The difficulties for each puzzle is the following:

  • Left Shikaku: 1.0-star
  • Middle Shikaku: 3.0-star
  • Right Unknown Shikaku: 2.0-star
  • Left Fillomino: 2.5-star
  • Middle Fillomino: 2.5-star
  • Right Fillomino: 1.0-star
  • Left Hebi-Ichigo: 1.5-star
  • Middle Hebi-Ichigo: 2.0-star
  • Right Unknown Hebi-Ichigo: 2.5-star
  • Block Puzzle: 1.5-star

Ignore the light shadings in some puzzles.

033 - Puzzle Collection

First of all, sorry for the very late update. I have some business for the last few days…very busy that I can’t make too much puzzles. I think I won’t update this blog too often in this summer holiday. (You know, I make the puzzles when I have free time at school. 😛 ) Moreover, I even failed to match the deadline I set myself five days ago that I will finish it at Tuesday.

For that reason, I present this batch of ten puzzles. I tried to make some different things, and see what happened… For all except Hebi-Ichigo, for each (light-)shaded cell, shade all cells which are in the same region with that cell. For Hebi-Ichigo, simply shade all cells which belong to the snake. See what happens, and you might probably know why this blog’s address is chaoticiak492 and not any other number… For that reason, this puzzle batch is a difficult thing to create (though probably very easy to solve).

Some comments on the puzzles (counting the Shikaku puzzles 1-3, Fillomino puzzles 4-6, Hebi-Ichigo puzzles 7-9, and Block Puzzle puzzle 10)…

1: It is very easy. VERY easy. But making it is quite a difficulty, with the designed theme.
2: Hey, I just realized that that puzzle has only 3s and 4s! It’s funny. And now it’s the most difficult puzzle after difficulty edits. Wow.
3: Yep, all except three givens are question marks. Down-rated to 2.0 stars…
4: Should be quite standard with a technique used repeatedly.
5: A Nurikabe-like technique is used once here. That is, if you solve it in the same way as mine.
6: Very basic. The only puzzle with vertical symmetry.
7: First Hebi-Ichigo constructed. Before solving any. And with the very constrained theme, this is quite a challenge for me, but apparently it succeeded to be this puzzle with a horizontal symmetry.
8: Like 7. Some funny approach that I never encountered in the puzzles I have ever solved exist here.
9: Large blank area. Guess how many snakes are in the puzzle.
10: First Block Puzzle constructed. Yeah, before solving any either. I had a very difficult time to decide which puzzle genre will I use in this final puzzle, before finally go with Block Puzzle.

That wraps this batch of ten puzzles. I challenge you to solve them all in under three minutes, just like a normal 10×10 puzzle will usually take to solve.

Next, I think I will have some small puzzles with the Unknown twist, or some medium/large puzzles like usual (no twist). Just stay tuned.


About chaotic_iak

The author of http://chaosatthesky.wordpress.com/ aka Chaos at the Sky, containing puzzles and more.
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4 Responses to Puzzle 033 – Puzzle Collection

  1. chaotic_iak says:

    Hm, if you are reading this and have solved the puzzle batch, have you discovered the secret message? If you haven’t, perhaps a little nudge on the right direction will work…

    Each puzzle gives one character determined by the shaded cells. (Though some patterns look weird, all patterns show either digits or uppercase letters.) Read all the characters in order from the topmost row to the bottommost row, each row reading from the leftmost puzzle to the rightmost puzzle. (SPOILER) For the right Hebi-Ichigo, you might shade the inner area for better recognition. (END SPOILER)

    That should clear up any confusion of reading them. Now back to my still-busy schedule…

  2. 88673 says:

    Go go Shaymin!

  3. Stumbler's Rider says:

    For me it was actually the left Hebi-Ichigo that was difficult to identify. Interesting puzzles.

    • chaotic_iak says:

      Thanks for your comment. However, I somehow still see the left Hebi-Ichigo to be easy. (Fun fact: Although you commented on the left Hebi-Ichigo, I changed other puzzle’s difficulty ratings instead. xD )

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