Special Puzzle 003 – Unknown Nurikabe II

This is a 1.5-star Unknown Nurikabe II; that is, a Nurikabe II puzzle with the Unknown twist. Some objects have less meaning than it should be. In this puzzle, one given is not placed, and it’s value is unknown. It’s up to you to determine where the given would be placed, and what value it should be. The solution is not necessarily unique...or is it?

S003 - Nurikabe II (Hidden)

Whoa?! An unknown clue in Nurikabe?! What could that be? And why the rating is only 1.5 stars? Something is suspicious here…


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5 Responses to Special Puzzle 003 – Unknown Nurikabe II

  1. Jak Brown says:

    Three solutions?!

  2. chaotic_iak says:

    No. Though it has 3 solutions in normal Nurikabe, it has only 1 solution in Nurikabe II which is much stricter.

  3. Otto says:

    And now for something completely different … in your Logo I can identify Yajilin, Sudoku, Nurikabe, Numberlink and Akari. But what is the last one?

  4. Otto says:

    Ah, this should be a “1/1” clue in R2C1 🙂
    BTW: I love Tapa!

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