Puzzle 027 – Slitherlink

This is a 4.5-star Slitherlink puzzle. (Click the image to enlarge.)

027 - Slitherlink

Edit of 2011/07/22: Fixed an ambiguity.

This is what you call “abstract art puzzle”. I just go as what I want to add. Note some sub-patterns here, including two symmetrical patterns comprised of 0s, 1s, and 3s only, at quite opposite corners of the board, the box of 1s, and the triple 3210. Can you find a vertical 0123?


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4 Responses to Puzzle 027 – Slitherlink

  1. MellowMelon says:

    One of the better executions of global parity and loop-closing constraints I have played. Great work.

    There’s a slight problem in the top center with the row of 1s. The loop can do one of two things. Adding another 1 in the middle to make seven in a row is a quick fix.

    • chaotic_iak says:

      Thanks. My first 14×24 puzzle is not so bad as I thought, after all… 😛

      Yeah, I found that after I test-solved it today (at school). Fixed…with a slight difference.

  2. y says:

    I think I found multiple solutions in the blank area in the middle towards the right. The path I found comes above the 1 at R7C21 from the right, and to the left of the 1 at R8C20 from below. There seem to be many ways to connect these lines through the non-numbered area.

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