Puzzle 015 – Nurikabe II

This is a 2.5-star Nurikabe II puzzle.

015 - Nurikabe II

Not very different from original Nurikabe… But in normal Nurikabe, there would be multiple solutions.


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6 Responses to Puzzle 015 – Nurikabe II

  1. mathgrant says:

    Forgive me if my understanding of the Nurikabe II rules is rudimentary (it doesn’t help that the example puzzle on the rules page can be solved by ordinary Nurikabe rules), but I see two solutions.

  2. chaotic_iak says:

    Just noticed that my error fix text formatting changes from Important note to EDIT, and now without mentioning the person that noticed the error. xD

    Found this entry again because someone (probably you, mathgrant) subscribed to this entry. Re-reading the comments, all that I can say is…expect a Shaymin-themed puzzle later. Probably not in a close time, but just wait…

  3. Took me forever because i didn’t realize it was a nurikabe 11

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